Tactical Therapeutics, Inc., Developer of CTO Treatments for Glioblastoma, Selected to Present at MedInvest Oncology Investor Conference December 14-15 in New York

Tactical Therapeutics, Inc. (TTI), a clinical stage biopharma, has been selected to present at the MedInvest Oncology Investor Conference taking place December 14-15, 2022, in New York, N.Y.

“We are honored to be selected to present at this unique event,” said Rashida Karmali, Ph.D., CEO of Tactical Therapeutics. “We welcome the chance to interact with many of the world’s most accomplished leaders and investors who are all dedicated to improving the health and lives of patients with glioblastoma (GBM) and difficult to treat solid cancers.”

About Glioblastoma, recurrent (rGBM) and newly diagnosed (nGBM)

Glioblastoma, the brain tumor that killed Senator Ted Kennedy, Beau Biden and Senator John McCain, is still mostly untreatable. Recent reports suggest veterans of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars who were exposed to burn pits later developed GBM. GBM exhibits debilitating neurological symptoms and suicide rates for GBM patients are higher compared to those with other cancers.

Since 2005, GBM, an orphan disease (approximately 18,000/yr), has a median overall survival (OS) of between 12 to 20 months in newly diagnosed GBM with surgery, radiotherapy (with temozolomide) and adjuvant temozolomide, plus tumor treating fields. rGBM recurs frequently within a year with a median OS of 10 months.

TTI’s oral, safe and brain-penetrating drug, Carboxyamidotriazole Orotate (CTO), showed efficacy with significantly improved OS from 10 months to 28 months+ in nGBM in Phase IB trial, with published results (J. Clin Oncology, (2018)36:1702-1709).

Dr. Antonio Omuro, who oversaw the CTO Phase I clinical trial, had this to say about the promising treatment, “In 27 Recurrent GBM patients, 1 complete and 6 partial responses were observed in patients who had been in several previous trials, including patients previously exposed to bevacizumab, who are the most challenging patients to treat. Radiographic responses are rarely seen in glioblastoma trials, therefore these are really promising results. Excellent survival was observed in 15 newly diagnosed GBM (13/15), with median overall survival not reached after 28 months; 2-year survival 62%; 1-year survival 93%. Two patients remain recurrence free at 5 years.

“The safety profile was excellent, and we were also able to demonstrate that CTO crosses the blood brain barrier and can achieve high concentrations in brain tumors. Overall, the Phase IB trials of CTO in GBM patients showed highly promising efficacy and safety in patients with very advanced disease.”

About Carboxyamidotriazole Orotate (CTO) & Intellectual Property (IP)

CTO is a patented first-in-class inhibitor of genes of non-voltage dependent calcium signaling associated with multiple oncolytic pathways and calcium channels. At clinically relevant CTO levels, differential expression of some mRNA showed inhibition of transcriptional signatures of several oncogenes, and in contrast activation of tumor suppressors.

The IP portfolio includes 8 U.S. and 75 International patents lasting to 2033.

About Tactical Therapeutics, Inc

Tactical Therapeutics, Inc., is a privately funded company that has developed a patented lead therapeutic, CTO, for glioblastoma and other solid cancers. Three Phase I trials have been completed. Two Phase II trials are planned for rGBM and nGBM. The company is pursuing partnering and licensing strategies.

Written by Nizel Pradhan

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