Super Hi-Fi Unveils Program Director™, the World’s First AI-powered Operating System for Building and Scaling Amazing Radio

Super Hi-Fi, the global leader in AI-powered radio experiences for digital music services and radio broadcasters, today announced the launch of Program Director™, a revolutionary suite of radio creation tools that completely reimagines the workflow for curating, programming, and scheduling radio experiences.

Program Director™ is an entirely new approach to the creation of radio listening experiences. Unlike any existing radio solution, Program Director™ is built directly on a platform of Super Hi-Fi’s proprietary advanced Artificial Intelligence that has been trained directly on over 20 years’ worth of radio programming and production capabilities. This AI, woven deeply into the fabric of Program Director’s™ service layer, provides broadcast radio and digital music companies with entirely new opportunities to save time, save money, and increase the overall quality of their stations.

“Program Director was developed to be an incredibly powerful support system for the radio and music industries,” said Zack Zalon, Co-Founder and CEO of Super Hi-Fi. “We are literally pulling decades of radio production tools and technologies into one unified, cloud-based OS that transforms how radio is designed, built, and scaled. We could not be more excited to share this platform with our customers.

“Program Director™ is the culmination of over 3 years of work, analyzing customer needs and assessing what kinds of tools radio and digital music companies will require as their businesses and consumer demands evolve. The result is a totally novel approach to radio programming platforms, built with data and intelligence at the core of the service, and with a fresh, intuitive interface designed to provide radio programmers with the fastest, easiest way to deliver compelling listening experiences. Program Director™ does not require any downloadable software, working directly in all of today’s modern web browsers, and is fully cloud-based for all services and backups.

Some of Program Director’s™ key benefits include:- Next-Generation Curation and Programming: Produce world-class radio stations in minutes with AI-assisted playlisting, smart rotations, visual daypart scheduling, show creation, automated AI production and online playout, all from within the same common interface.

  • Comprehensive Media Management: Easily manage large music and content catalogs, and use them across an unlimited number of stations. Plus, utilize deep data insights about your music, access programming recommendations, automatically eliminate duplicate tracks, organize your content into smart folders, and access fully-integrated catalogs from our numerous third-party partners.
  • Full Broadcast Operations Capability: Distribute and monetize streams with flexible format options, easily manage multiple time zones, localize your branding and catalog across multiplexed syndications and territories, view detailed logs and reports, integrate ad trafficking partners, and leverage our advanced DSP mastering options for amazing sounding playout.
  • Modern and Intuitive User Experience: Enjoy an easy-to-use, fast, and modular platform with intelligent automation, intuitive design, and blazing speed – allowing for seamless integration into almost any workflow.
  • Countless Modern Features:
  • Instantly create synthetic voice tracks with fully unified ChaptGPT and ElevenLabs AI voice generation built right-in
  • Share music playlists across multiple stations with total control
  • Automate DMCA compliance with the click of a button
  • Set up an infinite array of AI-powered programming rules across your stations
  • Access one-click content diversity to immediately fulfill minimum gender or country-specific playback requirements
  • Free-tag your music to easily solve almost any complicated programming need
  • Flexibly support a wide array of metadata tags in almost any playout format
  • Create countdown shows and locally-branded station outputs in minutes
  • Connect almost any capability to your systems with numerous published APIs
  • And much, much more

Program Director’s™ AI-powered approach saves time and money but additionally opens up new possibilities for music programmers to create tailored, engaging content for their audiences. This innovative product leverages the power of AI to make the creation and management of radio stations more accessible and efficient than ever before.”

Program Director is the result of our relentless pursuit of innovation and our commitment to empowering professionals with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving landscape,” added Brendon Cassidy, Super Hi-Fi Co-Founder and CTO. “We designed Program Director to make radio station creation and management faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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About Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi helps companies build and scale premium radio experiences, with advanced technology for digital music services and radio broadcasters. Today’s traditional methods are limiting and expensive, generating frustration across the audio landscape. Super Hi-Fi unlocks potential by providing customers with tools that allow them to save time, save money, and take back control, without having to sacrifice quality at any point. Based in Los Angeles, California, Super Hi-Fi is helping brands like Sonos, Peloton, Napster, Octave Group, iHeartRadio, and many more to achieve their goals.

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Written by Shantel

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