Revolutionizing the Legal Sphere: NetDocuments Unveils ndMAX, Delivering Responsible AI-powered Legal Workflows

Leveraging the prowess of AI to transform legal processes, NetDocuments introduces PatternBuilder MAX, empowering legal firms with advanced and responsible AI capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. NetDocuments introduces ndMAX, a set of generative AI-powered products designed to augment legal workflows.
  2. PatternBuilder MAX, the pioneer product of the ndMAX series, is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, enabling customization of generative AI workflows tailored to specific practice areas.
  3. ndMAX ensures the responsible application of AI, adhering to firm’s security, compliance, and best practice standards.
  4. PatternBuilder MAX, presently in full production with selected clients, will be widely accessible in Q3 2023.

About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a recognized leader in cloud content management and productivity solutions designed to equip legal professionals with advanced technology to perform their best. Through continuous innovation, NetDocuments offers cutting-edge products that redefine traditional legal workflows, offering efficiency, security, and high-performance tools to clients globally.

Delivering Innovation: The advent of ndMAX

NetDocuments recently released ndMAX, a series of generative AI-powered solutions built to revamp legal workflows. Thoughtfully integrated within the NetDocuments platform, ndMAX enables legal teams to apply advanced AI to their data and documents, thereby extracting business intelligence and creating new content.

“ndMAX reflects our commitment to safeguard and empower our customers through a solution that unites the power of generative AI with the security of the NetDocuments platform,” said Josh Baxter, CEO of NetDocuments.

Introducing PatternBuilder MAX: AI for Legal Workflows

PatternBuilder MAX is the first product to be unveiled under the ndMAX suite, harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. It aims to boost NetDocuments’ native document assembly and workflow capabilities by enabling legal firms to build custom AI automations in accordance with their specific practice areas’ requirements.

David Worth, CIO of Nelson Mullins, praised PatternBuilder MAX, stating, “The beauty of PatternBuilder MAX is we don’t have to pick a solution; we will have a tool to build our own customized generative AI workflows, whenever we want, in minutes.”

Kim Konotchick, General Manager at Microsoft, lauded the integration of Microsoft’s AI technology, saying, “We are thrilled by what NetDocuments is establishing with ndMAX.”

Ensuring Responsible Use of AI in Legal Sphere

In developing ndMAX, NetDocuments considered various concerns and expectations expressed by customers related to the responsible use of generative AI in the legal sector. Emphasizing the protection of client confidentiality, employing existing security controls, and embedding AI capabilities within NetDocuments’ platform were key requirements considered in the development of ndMAX.

Blake Rooney, CIO of Husch Blackwell, appreciated this attention to detail, saying, “New initiatives like ndMAX are one of the key reasons we chose the NetDocuments cloud platform in the first place.”

The Future of Legal AI with NetDocuments

The introduction of ndMAX represents a significant stride in the legal technology landscape, promising to bring significant changes in the sector. As Dr. Alex Bazin, CTO of Lewis Silkin, pointed out, “Generative AI has the potential to reshape the legal services market – which is why we’re excited to partner with NetDocuments on the launch of ndMAX.”

Indeed, with the advent of ndMAX, NetDocuments is set to foster a new era of advanced, responsible AI application in the legal sector, fostering greater efficiency and productivity for professionals globally.

Written by Shantel

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