EventPipe’s Strategic Power Move: Introducing Rebekah Bryant as Director of Business Development

Fostering Robust Industry Partnerships through Diverse Expertise in Hospitality


Key Takeaways:

  1. EventPipe reinforces its commitment to industry collaboration by hiring Rebekah Bryant as Director of Business Development.
  2. Rebekah Bryant brings in-depth knowledge from her extensive journey through leading hotel chains.
  3. Her strategic sales initiatives during the pandemic were crucial for multi-million-dollar revenue partnerships and community housing needs.
  4. EventPipe aims to broaden its reach in the event management and technology sectors with Bryant’s leadership.

A New Era for EventPipe

Amidst the rapidly evolving landscape of event management software solutions, EventPipe emerges stronger with its recent hire, Rebekah Bryant, as its Director of Business Development. This crucial appointment aims to fortify its position in the industry by ensuring a comprehensive understanding and stronger bonds with various industry stakeholders.

Tim Brown, the dynamic CEO of EventPipe, opined on Rebekah’s appointment:

“Rebekah’s extensive background in the hospitality industry makes her a perfect fit for leading our Business Development efforts. Her proven ability to navigate complex situations and strong network within the hotel sector will be instrumental in expanding our partnerships and driving growth for our company.”

Rebekah Bryant: The Hospitality Virtuoso

Rebekah’s journey through the hospitality sector offers a treasure trove of insights and skills. With her tenure at Drury Hotels, LLC as the National Sales Executive for the Sports and Religious Market Segments, she displayed exceptional leadership. Not only did she understand the multifaceted world of hotels, but her strategic initiatives during the pandemic also led to establishing pivotal revenue partnerships. These not only fortified hotel operations but were vital in meeting community housing needs during these challenging times.

Beyond Drury, Rebekah’s roles at industry giants such as Choice Hotels, Hilton, and Marriott have enriched her perspective. This multifaceted exposure, encompassing both corporately owned and franchised hotel structures, lends her the unique expertise to understand, collaborate, and build solid relationships within the sector.

Strengthening Ties and Charting Growth

Mike Addesa, the tech genius and Co-Founder of EventPipe, emphasized the timely essence of Rebekah’s entry into the fold:

“Rebekah’s addition to the EventPipe team couldn’t have come at a better time. Her leadership acumen and close ties within the industry will be instrumental in propelling our business development strategies and reaffirming our commitment to delivering premier services for our customers.”

Under Rebekah’s leadership, EventPipe envisages a future where they not only enhance their market footprint but also cultivate dynamic and impactful partnerships. The intent is to tailor event management solutions that resonate with the unique needs of the hospitality realm.

Dive Into EventPipe’s Universe

EventPipe: Revolutionizing Event Housing Management with Cloud Solutions EventPipe is not merely a software company. It represents innovation, efficiency, and a holistic solution to event housing management challenges. Catering to a diverse clientele including event producers, housing companies, convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), and meeting planners, EventPipe ensures a seamless experience.

From drafting RFPs, managing intricate hotel contracts, crafting tailor-made booking platforms, to overseeing inventory and settling events, EventPipe’s platform covers the entire spectrum. It’s the embodiment of modern technology meeting traditional event management needs.

Concluding Notes: A Promising Horizon

EventPipe’s strategic move to bring Rebekah Bryant onboard heralds an era of deepened industry relationships and unrivaled service offerings. As the event management sector undergoes constant evolution, EventPipe, with Rebekah at the helm of Business Development, is poised to set benchmarks and redefine industry standards.

Written by Shantel

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