Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, to Headline MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute 2023 Addressing Implications of Machine Learning and Generative AI

Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President (VP) at, will be the opening keynote at MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute (April 30-May 1, 2023) on the MIT campus, a highly anticipated appearance at the annual essential event for CTOs and IT leadership. He is expected to open the meeting on May 1, to discuss foundational principles of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including the current and future state of the generative AI models, as well as specific applications and impacts on society.

Dr. Werner Vogels said that this topic was important to him because “The world is being fundamentally transformed by ML and AI, and these technologies have been a focus at Amazon for over 20 years.” He added, “Today, the potential for generative AI to further reinforce these trends and positively shape our future is remarkable. Nevertheless, as AI continues to evolve, we have a duty to design these technologies with fairness in mind and address any inherent biases. Responsibly developing and deploying ML and AI technologies is the key to unlocking innovative solutions to some of the hardest problems the world is facing.”

Mat Honan, MIT Technology Review’s Editor in Chief said, “I’m thrilled that Werner will be joining us this year. It’s fitting to have an opening to Future Compute, an event about what is next with the man who is known for what is ‘next’ in technology.” Vogels’s hotly anticipated annual predictions speak to the prospects for these technologies in 2023.

This year’s conference theme is “Digital Dexterity,” defined as what happens when emerging technology and an organizational culture of change come together to enable a technology-driven business equipped for competitive advantage. Other speakers expected to join Dr. Vogels this year include Kirsten Bay (Cysurance), Elizabeth Hackenson (Schneider Electric), Danny Lange (Unity), and Chris Miller (Tufts University). Future Compute attendees can expect thought-provoking interviews, live Q&As, and networking opportunities unlike those at any other event of its kind, all on the MIT campus. For more detailed information: Agenda and Registration.

About Dr. Werner Vogels

Dr. Werner Vogels is Chief Technology Officer at, where he is responsible for driving the company’s customer-centric technology vision. As one of the forces behind Amazon’s approach to cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), he is passionate about helping young businesses reach global scale and transforming enterprises into fast-moving digital organizations.

Werner joined Amazon in 2004 and, in his own words, believes in “democratising business creation, simplifying operation, and driving innovation by providing a low cost, scalable, and reliable infrastructure that can be acquired on demand with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, and that is available to everyone.”

Vogels joined Amazon in 2004 from Cornell University, where he was a distributed systems researcher. He has held technology leadership positions in companies that handle the transition of academic technology into industry. Vogels holds a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has authored many articles on distributed systems technologies for enterprise computing.

On his blog, All Things Distributed, Werner shares insights and thought leadership content on a range of topics, such as cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as his annual technology predictions. (See 2023 tech predictions here).

About MIT Technology Review

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Written by Shantel

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